Take better decisions
every day

Take better decisions
every day

Insights-driven leadership

Do you make daily decisions or implement measures to sustainably develop your company? Would it help to have high-quality real-time data on your key stakeholders – employees and customers?

The ECHONOVUM INSIGHTS PLATFORM is an intuitive management tool that enables leaders to quickly and efficiently identify potential areas for success in customer and employee relationships. Make decisions easier and faster and base them on high-quality contextual feedback from your customers and employees. Your dashboard shows you relevant events throughout the customer or employee journey in real time, allowing you to respond proactively. You gain valid conclusions on the relationships with your customers and employees so that they can be continually optimized and developed.

Our platform enables managers to translate high-quality feedback into better decisions on a daily basis.     

Our Insights Solutions

Echonovum customer insights
You receive insights that help you to continuously develop your customer relationships and become more competitive.  
Echonovum employee insights
YYou receive insights to strengthen your employee relationships continuously and to tap potential.  
Illustration of dashboards on a laptop, smartphone and tablet

what we offer

  • High-quality feedback that helps you take better decisions every day
  • Relevant insights to help develop employee and customer satisfaction
  • A personal dashboard for each manager
  • Predictive analytics with machine learning
  • An intelligent, fully automated, continuous survey process along the entire customer and/or employee journey
  • Our tried-and-tested Stakeholder Pathway Model as well as our Measurement Model with all necessary touchpoints and questions for gaining transactional insights
  • High response rates thanks to personalized, contextual surveys at the right time
  • Simple, intuitive software
  • Highly integrable thanks to an open API
  • GDPR-compliant data collection and management

What our customers say about us

The ECHONOVUM INSIGHTS PLATFORM is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. The customer survey response rate is high, which thrills us! Our executive team uses the dashboards for real-time insights on how and where we can make improvements to further enhance our competitiveness. ECHONOVUM helps us to strengthen customer retention through a continuous dialog.
Pascel Weber, Marketing Director, Chicorée
One of the most illuminating and intuitive tools I know.
Oliver Zimmermann, Strategischer Unternehmensentwickler, Dr. Bähler Dropa AG
The collaboration with the echonovum team is simply excellent in every respect!
Michael Uebelhart, Project Manager, Bystronic Laser AG